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..Welcome to my Tumblr . as you can see i blog all sorts of things i like and find funny . . .I'm from Ireland and i love anime and Cosplaying , love playing video games too. I love to draw and read Manga too. Feel free to follow me :3 . . I'll mainly post Naruto , Bleach ,Fairy Tail , Toradora, my cosplays , and all my other fave anime/ manga video games and AH/RT . . . etc
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Ichiruki, Ichiruki everywhere…


Ichiruki, Ichiruki everywhere…

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my favorite headcanon of mine is that kushina was itachi’s babysitter and she always wanted to play games with him but she would gO CRAZY AND ITACHI DISLIKED IT AND

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Can we take a second to appreciate young Kakashi tryna eat his onigiri with his mask on…


Like.. Wtf are you doing son??image



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Horror Game

Guys we’re playing if you wanna join and watch us. Send us comments too . Via


I am so sorry

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